fredag den 11. december 2009

Icecrown Baby!

I'm back! Well sorta.

I've not been away, busy doing irl stuff or raiding or whatever. I simply had nothing to tell so decided not to waste your time :)

When I left you guys I was complaining about the difficulty of raids and that healers seemed to get the biggsest challenge on most encounters. Although I am pretty sure that I don't have game developers checking my blog on a daily basis it seems my prayers have been heard :) ICC10 is great. Although the normal mode - as expected - was very easy I have
a good feeling about how the heroic version will turn out. Gunship Battle is a great fight, and Saurfang has the mechanics needed to actually be a pain if tuned up a bit. I for one can't wait!

Moving on to the other big feature in 3.3 - The LFG tool. Although I was a bit held up with school the past couple days I've managed to put this tool to good use and I have to say, It's great! Acording to my achievements I have grouped with 55 different players and amongst all of those, only one of my groups was a mess. So either I'm very lucky or this tool is managing to couple me with a bunch of great players consistently. I am having so much fun!

Glyphs. I'm still not making much on them. The modification I've been using to my QA2 addon obviously broke at 3.3 release so I've been stuck using my old deep undercutting strategy for a couple days. I'm cancelling/relisting once a day at best.

As some of you probably remember I had been stocking heavilly
up on Borean Lea
ther for the patch, and ended up with roughly 1200x Heavy Borean Leather. Wednesday and Thu
rsday I sold only 4 or 5 furs a day but this evening was something entirely different. I woke up after a nap, logged onto my LW seller(Banklite) and saw my mailbox filled with succesful auction. Before 3.3 I had around 600g on him and substracting posting fees(About 600g total) this is where Im at right now:

As you can see Banklite is 4664g which is quite decent considering I spent roughly 2040g on stocking up on leather.
Still have another couple thousand to cash in that I am counting on having gotten rid of by the end of this week.

On another note my flask sales have exploded. At the time of writing I have ~50 incoming succesful auctions - All of which are Flask of the Frost Wyrm/Endless Rage. I'm loving it!

All of this has also ment that I'm running low on materials in my
bank. Having said that I will not be stocking up on everything for a while. The market is very unstable at the moment and everything feels like it could plummet at any moment.

I spent 800g on an Ice Mammoth yesterday along with ~2500g on Pets(Yea, I'm an
achievement whore above all else) bringing my
total Income this week up to: 16.420g.

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